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Jets At Eagles Preseason Preview

We've finally reached the end of the preseason. The starters are all done, all the major jobs are filled, now we just need to sit through our 10th straight preseason finale with the Jets and the real stuff begins. The game is absolutely meaningless to us, but for all these guys that will play it's their last shot to show themselves off to the rest of the NFL. If they can't win a job with the Eagles, they can possibly win one somewhere else. Andy Reid said this week that there are still roster spots open, "Well there are spots. I'm telling you there are spots, so it becomes very important for these players."

He also stressed that the final preseason game is a chance for guys to showcase themselves around the league.

I think you're given an opportunity whether you make it here or whether you make it somewhere else to have valuable film collection that somebody can look at and evaluate you as a football player, not including [Roseman] and myself, but maybe if you have a chance with another team."

Most of the spots up for grabs will likely be on special teams, but there are a few positions that could be settled tonight. One would be the 3rd string running back. Eldra Buckley, Martell Mallet, & J.J. Arrington will all be vying for that spot.

The backup safety positions are still probably also up for grabs. Macho Harris was recently moved back to safety and will be fighting with Quintin Demps and Kurt Coleman for a job. Another job is at DT. Broderick Bunkley & Mike Patterson are your starters and so far it seems like Trevor Laws has elevated himself to their primary backup. That would leave Antonio Dixon, Jeff Owens, & Boo Robinson fighting it out for a job.

Finally, one thing that should be really interesting to see is that Jets QB Mark Sanchez will reportedly serve as offensive coordinator and call some plays tonight.

The idea, of course, is to expose Sanchez to a different aspect of the game, giving him a coach's perspective on why and how certain plays are called. It's a clever way of doing things. Ryan said he used to do it in Baltimore on defense, letting LB Ray Lewis and S Ed Reed call plays in the preseason. They gave it up, he said, when they realized it's not as easy as it looks.

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