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Youtube Trash Talker Of The Week: The Sniper

Our newest weekly feature here on BGN comes thanks to unending well of crazy we like to call youtube. As we've found, there's this entire community of fans who make crazy videos in support of their team, or go on batsh*t crazy rants about their opponents. During the offseason we met such classics as the shirtless German Cowboys fans who sings sings about the team and then self flagellates. Of course, who could also forget "Blue Star Shock Trooper" who is a chubby Cowboys fan who films himself walking around his neighborhood ranting about how much he hates Philly and Washington.

This is one I'll need some help with... so during the week if you find one of these nuts, fanshot it for us all to enjoy.

Last week's winner was of course, the "Aaron Rodgers Rock n Roll Guy." This week we feature "The Sniper," a Lions fan who spends half the video babbling about a player whose name he can't pronounce and won't even play this weekend anyway. Oh, and he does this with while brandishing a scoped rifle. This guy is a model of stability.

Props to JoshuaR for this find.

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