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The Linc - Eagles & Cowboys Players Vote To Decertify Player's Union

Source: Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys vote to allow NFLPA to decertify as union - ESPN
Two more teams have voted unanimously to authorize the NFL Players Association to decertify as a union, if it is deemed necessary next March when the current labor agreement expires, according to a union source. The Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys joined the New Orleans Saints in the approval process, according to sources.

[Note by JasonB, 09/18/10 12:41 PM EDT ] By effectively dissolving their union, the players would block the owners from locking them out.

TheWizWit: Trent Cole is Gonna Love Jeff Backus
See a wikipredia screen grab where some unforgiving Lions fans have helped cement the legacy that is Jeff "On-His-Backus".

Lions' front four could steal show Sunday
One game doesn't make a season, but it is enough to make an impression. The impression from the Lions' opening-game loss at Chicago is that their front four is as advertised -- the foundation of the defense.

NFL Week 2 Injury Report: Time To Check Your Fantasy Football Lineup -
Check the NFL injuries and find out who should sit and who should start in fantasy for Week 2.

TV Sports - Fox Announcers Fail to Question an Eagle’s Return -
Fox announcers did all the right things when Stewart Bradley was helped off the field, but said little when he returned to the game minutes later.