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NFL Red Zone Freeview This Weekend

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Over the past year or so we've been telling people about the NFL Red Zone channel on Xfinity. Everyone on the site that has seen the channel has loved it and last year when they have a free preview it was a big hit around here.

So... they've decided to do it again. From 1pm through the 4pm games(so, all day) Xfiinity will have a free preview of the NFL Red Zone channel. In Philly, it'll be on channel 734 in standard def and channel 861 in high def.

Just a quick primer on what Red Zone is. It's a commercial free channel that skips from game to game to show teams in the red zone in real time. Basically, you'll see every touchdown from every game live. Whether you want to watch your fantasy team, you want something to flip to during commercials/halftime, or you just don't want to watch the late game after the Eagles are done Red Zone is perfect.

So check it out this weekend. It's free! Tell us what you think.

XFINITY from Comcast is a proud supporter of Bleeding Green Nation. You’ll get your Eagles games as a part of over 120 NFL games XFINITY provides in HD, as well as On Demand game recaps from every NFL game every week, faster Internet speeds, and stunning HD. With XFINITY and NFL RedZone, you get every touchdown from every game every Sunday afternoon! Call 1-800-XFINITY or visit

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