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Could Jeff Garcia (or some other vet QB on the street) be coming into the fold?

Yesterday, there was news that Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley did not pass their first concussion tests.  As we noted here...

It is still possible that either Kolb or Bradley could play if they pass further tests this week, but at this point that seems very unlikely.

Last season, when Donovan McNabb suffered cracked ribs Week 1 vs. Carolina, that left the Eagles with no QB's behind Kevin Kolb Week 2, as Michael Vick was still serving his suspension.  They signed Jeff Garcia.  When Vick returned from suspension the following week, the Eagles promptly released Garcia.

This time around, with Kolb potentially missing Week 2, that leaves only 4th round pick Mike Kafka behind Vick.  Kafka, at this point in his career, is a long term project.  Personally, I'd feel more comfortable with Jeff Garcia leading the team in favor of Mike Kafka should Michael Vick have to come out of the game due to injury (knocking on wood).  Would the Eagles be wise to rent the services of Jeff Garcia again for a week or two, assuming of course that Garcia isn't afraid of tainting his relationship with the UFL juggernaut Omaha Nighthawks?

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