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Kevin Kolb And Stewart Bradley Do Not Pass First Concussion Test

CSN Philly is reporting that Quarterback Kevin Kolb and Linebacker Stewart Bradley have been sent home after failing to to pass the first concussion test administered by team doctors. The pair will have more tests this week.

Now the Eagles must follow the NFL-imposed guidelines on players with concussion. Kolb and Bradley will get concussion tests at 24 hours, three days and five days after the injury until they pass. When they do pass the Eagles' test, they will be visit Dr. William Welch, an independent evaluator who will perform a neruological exam.

It is still possible that either Kolb or Bradley could play if they pass further tests this week, but at this point that seems very unlikely.

Maybe it's pure coincidence, but I came upon this story published Sunday in the Palm Beach Post about former Eagle Andre Waters, who killed himself four years ago. He had suffered more than 15 concussions over his NFL career and tests on his brain afterward showed that his time in the NFL had inflicted serious trauma on his brain. The doctor who did his autopsy went so far as to say "Football killed him." It's a sad article, but well worth a read. Not only does it give some insight into a great Eagle, but the points it makes about concussions in the NFL are especially poignant today.

[Update by JasonB, 09/13/10 3:30 PM EDT ] The NFL Players Association has determined that the Eagles acted appropriately in their handling of Kolb & Bradley's injuries.

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