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Leading off for Team Irrational... Gene Wojciechowski... Wojciechowski.

Should we perhaps keep a running tally here of all the national writers that will be suggesting Vick should take over as the starting QB for the Eagles?  Let's see if we can field a lineup of snap-judgment, short-sighted fodder.  First up, ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski...

"I think we all had a piece of this [defeat],'' said Reid. "And like I mentioned before, I need to make sure that I put all of them in the right position.''

Here's an idea for the Week 2 game at Detroit: Put Vick in the starting quarterback position. After watching him Sunday, it's the only right thing to do.

Let's remember folks, Kolb threw ten passes yesterday.  Ten.  Those ten weren't pretty, obviously, but the sky is not falling, the season is far from over, and there's no need for panic.  Kevin Kolb is the future of this franchise, and while Michael Vick did indeed play extraordinarily (and perhaps surprisingly) well, he is absolutely not the long term answer.  To suggest that Kevin Kolb should ride the pine for a while as if Michael Vick is some sort of savior, thus stunting Kolb's growth and immediately fostering a locker room environment where division could occur... after 10 passes... is flat stupid.  If Kolb's poor play continues for a few weeks, then we'll talk.  Until then, let's take a step down from the ledge and chill out for a second.

If you find any more of these, please feel free to post them in the comment section, and I'll update as the week progresses.  I'm sure it won't be hard.  More after the jump...

[Note by JimmyK, 09/13/10 11:58 AM EDT - Hat tip to Rujasu]

Batting Second for Team Irrational... Doug Farrar... Farrar.

“I have questioned the Eagles’ coronation of Kevin Kolb as Donovan McNabb’s(notes) replacement – based on the game tape, things look pretty shaky with Kolb under center – and when Kolb went out of the game with a concussion, it was clear that the offense was more dynamic and integrated with Vick in there. Is there a quarterback controversy in Philly? I don’t know, but there should be. Vick is ready to lead this offense. Kolb is clearly not.”

[Note by JimmyK, 09/13/10 12:02 PM EDT - Hat tip to JasonB]

Batting Third for Team Irrational... Michael Silver... Silver.

Now it’s Kolb, at an alarmingly early stage of his development, who’ll have to summon a comeback of sorts to keep the Philly fans from howling their displeasure. Vick, meanwhile, surely made himself some money on Sunday. By demonstrating that he still has the rare skill set that made him the No. 1 overall pick of the 2001 draft, Vick will likely be an attractive option for another NFL franchise when his contract expires after this season – or, perhaps, he’ll have supplanted Kolb as McNabb’s successor by then and will get paid by Philly.

[Note by JimmyK, 09/13/10 12:25 PM EDT ]

Batting Cleanup for Team Irrational... Jason Whitlock... Whitlock.

Andy Reid would be a fool to enter the Eagles locker room and tell 53 players Kolb is the starting quarterback. Reid had the guts to permanently dump McNabb. Why not bench Kolb (or use his concussion as an excuse) and let the Vick situation play out for at least another week?

[Note by JimmyK, 09/13/10 3:04 PM EDT ]

Batting Fifth for Team Irrational... A bunch of idiots on facebook... facebook.

yo vick needs to start a.s.a.p. kevin kolb is ass!!!

- Glenn Corbett, member of "Michael Vick should start over Kevin Kolb (currently 856 members strong)

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