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Packers At Eagles: Reid Hints That Jorrick Calvin Could Handle Returns

About 10 days ago Andy Reid announced that DeSean Jackson and Ellis Hobbs would be returning punts and kickoffs this season. Today, he says that might not be the case. He was first asked whether Jackson and Hobbs will be used as returners in the upcoming game,

"I'm debating on that right now, but we'll see how it goes here."

What exactly are the factors that go into making the decision?

"Well, I've got [CB Jorrick] Calvin. I've got Calvin here, so I've brought him in to kind of do that, help out there, so we'll just see."

Might Calvin be used on both kickoffs and punt returns?

"Yeah, he does both."

So there you go. We could very well see a situation where Calvin handles kickoffs and punts, unless the team needs a big return in which case Jackson would be sent back there. For me, I think it makes sense to put your best foot forward at all times. If the team is up 20 in the second half, then sure give DeSean Jackson a break... but otherwise he should be back there. We'll see who is returning what come Sunday.

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