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Michael Vick Gets The Start For Eagles Against Jets

Let's hope that's the last time I write that this season... The Eagles will host the Jets tomorrow night in their yearly final meaningless preseason game and Michael Vick will be your starter. Andy Reid said this week that Vick and the backups would play their first half while rookie Mike Kafka and the third stringers play the second half.

For Vick, it's his last chance to show something before the season begins. Through three preseason games, his QB rating sits at 33.7. He's thrown three picks and no TDs. He has, however, rushed for a score.

The preseason actually started off fairly well for Michael Vick. He did have some turnovers, but in the first game we were all mostly impressed with his athleticism (he ran for a TD) and that fantastic bomb to Riley Cooper. It seemed like Vick was on his way back. Problem was, things never seemed to get better. In the following game, Vick went 1 for 5 and threw two picks. His offensive line was laughably bad in that game, but 1 for 5 with two turnovers in one quarter is what it is. He played only sparingly against the Chiefs.

That brings us to Thursday. Quite possibly Vick's last shot to show himself off to the rest of the league. Sure, he'll get in on certain packages this year, but people are going to want to see him run an offense and make routine throws. He'll be a free agent next year and he's basically said plainly that he'll be looking for a starting job. Nothing he's done this preseason will have convinced another team he's ready for that role once again. So what are your expectations for Vick tonight? Does he show any kind of improvement?

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