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Football is back!!! Cowboys/Bengals open thread

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I don't care that's it's not the Eagles. Hell, I don't care that it IS the Cowboys. I don't even care that it's just a preseason game... It's football, and I'm fired up! Since it's one of our division rivals playing tonight, I'll be watching this game closely, particularly interested in the following four things...

- Doug Free - He'll have somewhat of a "meh" test tonight, as he'll likely be lining up against Antwan Odom for the majority of his snaps. Free will be facing the following pass rushers in his first year as a starter (in order from Week 1 to Week 17)... Brian Orakpo, Julius Peppers, Mario Williams, BYE, Derrick Morgan, Jared Allen, Osi Umenyiora, Aaron Kampman, Clay Matthews, Osi Umenyiora, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Will Smith, Dwight Freeney, Trent Cole, Brian Orakpo, Trent Cole. For the Cowboys sake, Doug Free better be the real deal.

- David Buehler - He can bench press more than TE's and he can outrun safeties. He can boot the ball into the endzone consistently on kickoffs with his powerful leg. All of that is fine and good... But can he put the ball through the uprights on FG attempts? Tonight is his first real test.

- The backup Offensive Linemen - The Cowboys have the oldest starting offensive line in the NFL, and I'm of the opinion that they seriously lack depth along the OL. Old starters, no depth - That's a scary combo. Tonight I get my first real look at the Cowboys' backup offensive linemen in 2010, and how they look.

- Alan Ball - Dallas released Ken Hamlin this offseason, making Ball the Cowboys' starting FS this year. The Bengals have a ridiculous receiving corps. Ball should be tested tonight.