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Eagles camp - Morning session, August 8, 2010

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Much crisper out there today than yesterday morning, and some roster battles are beginning to heat up...

11 on 11's - Thud session - "Thud" sessions are contact, but no tackling...

8:49 - Corner blitz to start the day from Ellis Hobbs, which Jason Peters reads, giving Kolb enough time to get it out quickly to Baskett on the hot route.  Baskett can't hang on.

8:50 - Quintin Mikell and Sims sack Kolb on a failed screen attempt.  Sims is in there in a blink.

8:51 - Interesting idea here with Daniel Te'o Nesheim.  He had lined up at DT, and just before the snap he jumped back into the joker position, the line shifted, and Te'o dropped into coverage. 

8:52 - Nice looking TE screen to Celek - Prepare to see a lot of that this year.

8:53 - Brandon Graham 20 yards downfield in coverage.

8:54 - Clay Harbor reception on a quick slant.

8:54 - Trevard Lindley makes a nice read and jumps an out route for an easy pick 6... but he drops it.  Nice play, but he's gotta make that catch.

9:02 - Notice that Omar Gaither is in shorts today.  He apparently has "ankle inflammation."

9:06 - 1 on 1's - WR's vs. DB's - These are always great...

- Jackson vs. Hobbs - Jackson with a one-handed grab on an in.

- Avant vs. Samuel - Incomplete.  Nice coverage.

- Baskett vs. Hanson - Baskett uses his size on a quick slant completion.

- Washington vs. Patterson - Incomplete on an out route.

- Hall vs. Lindley - Incomplete on an out.

- Norwood vs. Mikell - Nice move by Norwood leads to a completion on an in.

- Collins vs. Demps - On a fly route, Collins leaps over Demps' back and makes a really nice grab.  Demps: "Nice catch boy!"

- Perry vs. Pope - Perry beats Pope soundly on a deep ball.

- Jackson vs. Allen - Nice test for Allen here, but he really has no shot (just as no other safety in the league would either).  Jackson beats Allen deep.

- Cooper vs. Samuel - Cooper uses his size nicely on Samuel and catches a slant.

- Norwood vs. Coleman - Complete on an in.

- Washington vs. Mikell - Incomplete on a deep ball.

- Jackson vs. Hobbs - Complete on an out.  Jackson is basically unstoppable in this drill.

- Cooper vs. Samuel - Incomplete on a fly.

9:38 - 5 on 6 - (WR's/RB's/TE's vs. LB's and DB's)

- Seeing the combo of Celek, Harbor, Cooper, and Jackson out there quite a bit.  That's an intriguing mix - Jackson keeps the D honest with his threat of the homerun ball, while the 3 bigger, more physical guys create mismatches underneath.

- Harbor with a catch over the middle, takes a shot from Ernie Sims.  Bit a cheapy there by Sims.  He drilled a defenseless Harbor in the lower back.  I hear it suggested that Sims may "just be wired that way."  Relax, Big Ern - That's your teammate, bud.  The "All Overly-Aggressive for Camp Team" is Ernie Sims, Tracy White, Kurt Coleman, and Daniel Te'o Nesheim."

- Dmitri Patterson picks off Kafka.  Patterson is having a really good camp, and there's going to be a tough decision for the Eagles in the defensive backfield.  At CB, you figure Asante Samuel, Ellis Hobbs, Joselio Hanson, and Trevard Lindley are locks.  At safety, Nate Allen and Quintin Mikell are locks, with Kurt Coleman in great shape.  That's 7 spots, with Quintin Demps, Macho Harris (currently out with a hammy), and Dmitri Patterson battling.  Can they keep 10 DB's?  Doubtful.

- Kolb fires a strike to Jackson between 3 defenders.  Kolb looks sharp today.

- Jackson drops a low, McNabb-like ball over the middle.  Should have been caught.

- Te'o interestingly getting reps with the linebackers in this drill.  Before we jump to conclusions, I don't think this means Te'o will be playing LB.  I think they just want to get him some reps in coverage for various exotic schemes they may want to try in which Te'o drops into coverage.

9:52 - Whooooaaa... Bit of a surprise here - We're going live hitting, 11 on 11!

- Kolb with a scramble.  DE's have trouble running down Kolb.  He has some wheels, and will be far from a statue back there.  I certainly don't want to see Kolb make a habit of running, but expect to see him take off on occasion.  He's a capable athlete.

- LeSean McCoy with a nice, long 20+ yard run.  He continues to impress me.

- Buckley running with the 2's today with Mike Bell out.  He's getting a bunch of carries.

- Sack by Akeem Jordan.  He was untouched.  Mistake there by RT King Dunlap.  Vick throws anyway, and hits Clay Harbor for a nice gain.  Harbor will contribute this year.  He looks good.

- Quintin Demps plants Chad Hall into the ground after a short gain.

- Demps again. He sacks Mike Kafka on a blitz.

- Kolb finds Harbor this time on a rollout.

- Really nice play here by Michael Vick.  Play action naked boot to the left.  Finds a defender in his face, stops on a dime, and fires a completion over the middle on a pass that;s on the money.  Really nicely done.  Not too many QB's can make that play.

- Eldra Buckley with the play of the day.  He bursts off the right side and gets into the secondary, where he gets a really hard pop from Asante Samuel - It's the loudest crack of the practice.  But Buckley absorbs the hit and keeps going.  He puts his head down and gets about 14.  Nice applause from the appreciative crowd.  It's a missed tackle by Samuel, but at least he showed the willingness to stick his nose in there and pop someone.

- Jordan Norwood beats pope on a bomb for a TD.

- Practice over

10:30 - WTF?!? OK, so I'm standing by the area where the players and coaches walk off the field back to the locker rooms, and I have my back turned to the field.  Suddenly, someone's hands are on my sides, and I realize that they are kind of trying to get me to move out of their way, but they're sort of tickling me in the process.  I turn around to see who is tickling me, and it's Duce Staley.  A simple "excuse me" will do just fine next time, Duce.

11:25 -  At the bar

BobQ and I go to the bar to do our write-ups of the morning practice, and have lunch.  We're watching SportsCenter, and Adam Schefter's camp tour bus segment is on (They were at Lehigh today).  I joke to Bob that we should watch closely, since we could possibly be in the background.  Literally 2 seconds later, there I am standing on the sideline!  Woohoo!  I made SportsCenter!  I desperately try to call my wife to have her DVR SportsCenter, but naturally, she doesn't answer.  Thanks, baby.