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Andy Reid Wants To Mold Kevin Kolb Into Troy Aikman?

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Last Tuesday, Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News visited Eagles camp and of course as one of the better NFL writers around he came out with an interesting story that we didn't know.

The Eagles love of Troy Aikman.

He recounts how Kevin Kolb grew up idolizing Aikman and how much Andy Reid admires the hall of famer... But what I found interesting is that they've been showing Kolb tape of Aikman as an instruction tool.

Andy Reid said the coaches want Kolb to see how Aikman dropped into the pocket, how he looked off safeties, how he threw that skinny post pattern. But primarily, they want Kolb to see and appreciate the accuracy of Aikman's passes.

"We hound on it here more than any place I've ever been," Kolb said. "Andy, Marty ... everyone knows how important accuracy is. It's all about yards after the catch – hit them in stride."

By the way, when you read this story... try to count how many times the word "accuracy" is repeated. It's clearly a theme for this team this year.

Also, it appears that Aikman and Kolb have become pals ... Troy texted him before camp to wish the kid good luck.