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Eagles Flight Night Is Over, All ACLs Are INTACT!

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The Eagles' Flight Night practice is over, no one was hurt, and we all go home happy. It seemed like everyone there had a good time and I'm sure plenty of money was raised for a good cause.

The practice itself wasn't much to write home about from an offensive perspective. None of the 3 offensive units looked particularly in sync, but I'm not sure you can really take all that much out of this practice. I suppose the only real bit of "news" tonight was that injured Eagles Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, Mike Bell, & Asante Samuel didn't practice but were all introduced to the crowd and jogged out in the introductions. Maclin jogged gingerly and Bell took it easy,  but Jackson and Samuel looked like they're pretty close to returning.

Mike Kafka showed off a surprisingly big arm with a nice 50 yard TD to Jared Perry. Rookie CB Trevard Lindley continued his fine offseason/camp with a couple pass breakups.

It's pretty amazing that the Eagles had this practice shown live locally on MY PHL 17 and NFL Network as well as their website. A practice was shown live on local broadcast TV... The power of the NFL and popularity of the Eagles will never cease to amaze.