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The Linc - Oldest Eagle Dies

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Bassman, oldest Philadelphia Eagles player, dies at age 97 - Sports - Progress-Index
Herman "Red" Bassman, who last donned a helmet as a player in the National Football League during the Great Depression, died Tuesday. Bassman, 97, was honored as the oldest living Philadelphia Eagles veteran in 2007.

Victoria’s Secret launching NFL-themed clothes, including Eagles merchandise - Philadelphia Business Journal
Victoria's Secret is launching an assortment of officially licensed merchandise in a partnership with the National Football League, that features the names and logos of 13 NFL teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles observation deck - NFC East Blog - ESPN
This is the only camp I've attended where fans tailgate in the parking lots between morning and afternoon practices. I'm sure Latrobe, Pa., is also nice, but I can't imagine a better scene than Lehigh University. Lush green practice fields on the side of a mountain. Even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell seemed to get caught up in the moment. He said he remembered visiting the Lehigh campus when he was trying to decide which college to attend a few years back.

Didinger: Graham Impresses at Camp
Quick was watching one-on-one drills between the offensive and defensive lines. Brandon Graham fired out of his stance and the blocker set up to the outside, expecting Graham to turn the corner. Instead, Graham used a spin move to cut inside and left the blocker flat-footed. In a game, it would have been an easy sack. Quick nodded and smiled. "That," he said, "was impressive."


TheWizWit: 2010 Eagles Flight Night: Injury Odds!
I don't know if it's really fair to call it a "profit generating event" since the whole event is a fundraiser for charity... and they don't even sell beer. That said, the injuries are all hilarious.

Eagles RB McCoy Plans To Step Up His Game - Sports News Story - WGAL The Susquehanna Valley
"I flat out gotta work harder," said LeSean McCoy. "Some of the mistakes I made last year I can’t make this year. They’re putting a lot of pressure on me and coach (Andy Reid) has a lot of trust in me. "The last couple of running backs here have been pretty excellent so I want to follow in their footsteps."

Philadelphia Eagles Contributing Rookies | NFL Mocks | Covering the 2011 NFL Draft & Your #1 NFL Mock Draft Database
NFL Mocks is going to do a team by team look at what rookies have the potential to contribute during their first season. Every year there are countless rookies that have major and minor impacts. Everyone expects the 1st round picks to make an impact but we hope to point out some other players that may help your favorite team win games.

Harbor's blocking impresses Eagles, moves him up chart | | The News Journal
"I love to hit people," Clay Harbor said. "If I see a guy with his hands on his knees, that just gives me that much more energy."