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Poll: Do You Think The Preseason Is Too Long?

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Over the past two days at Eagles training camp, both owner Jeffery Lurie and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell have said that fans think the preseason is too long and are in favor of the idea to shorten it to two games and expand the regular season to 18 games.

Here's what Lurie had to say about the way fans feel about the preseason.

I think first of all that it's long overdue and one of the things that I've realized and it's been almost an embarrassment, is fans don't like the long preseason

And Roger Goodell

...the fans have spoken very clearly that they don't like the quality of our preseason, so we have to adjust

Goodell specifically noted that in Green Bay, the fans thought expanding the regular season was the #1 thing the NFL could do to improve.

"You know it's funny. When I was up at Green Bay's shareholders meeting, we did a fan forum, which we'll do again here today, but the number one question I said, ‘What can the NFL do to make the NFL more attractive to you and make it better?' It was unanimous. It was re-evaluating the enhanced season and looking at 18 and two. They spoke very clearly on this issue."

As I've put these quotes out there, I've noticed a good number of people push back on this idea that fans think the preseason is too long and are in favor of the expanded regular season. Are these just the vocal minority? Let's find out. Now, I could probably make this a more nuanced question and offer more options but let's get an answer to the base question before we do that. Do you think the preseason is too long at four games?