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Mike McGlynn's Wife For O-Line Coach?

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In a story about the sometimes faulty exchanges between Kevin Kolb and Nick Cole i the shotgun(which is something we'll get into after I get to camp tomorrow) CSNPhilly caught up with Mike McGlynn to figure out how he's been learning to snap from the shotgun. Before getting into the NFL, McGlynn had never played center.

"No joke, I put my wife four yards back in the shotgun and made her catch them," said McGlynn, who has never played a professional or college game at center. "My wife hasn't played a lick of competitive sports ever. She's more a cheerleader and dance team member. She looks at me and shakes her head. 'Really, do I have to do this?'

"'Babe, it's part of my job. I've got to make sure I'm good with this.'"

Taking a cue from Mike, I'm having my girlfriend point out my spelling errors and flame me as I write faux blog posts.