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No Need For Panic Over Eagles Preseason

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If there's one thing I've found, it's that preseason football is rarely a reliable bellweather for how a team will perform in the regular season. Might all your fears be realized and the Eagles will win 6 games this year? Sure, that's possible ... but I don't think this preseason has proven anything good or bad.

The Eagles won just one game last preseason and the first team offense only looked good in one game. They went on to set a franchise record in scoring. In the 2008 preseason, they again really only had one game where the first team offense looked decent. That was against the Patriots. Now to be fair, both of those games did come in that 3rd preseason game, which gives the starters the most playing time. The 2010 Eagles offense looked best in the first preseason game.

Let's look at our rivals. The Cowboys have yet to score more than 16 points in three preseason games so far and their offense has looked terrible. Anyone think they're going done for?

The Redskins offense looked great in their first preseason game and has been terrible in two straight. Guess the McNabb trade was a bust for them...

The Giants first team offense still hasn't seemed to have a particularly impressive outing. Top 5 pick in their future?

All of these teams have had relatively unimpressive preseasons... Guess what? It doesn't mean they're going to stink. In fact, I still think all will be pretty good. Now, it's fair to say that with the transition to a new QB that the Eagles had a little more to prove in this preseason than these other teams... but six quarters of preseason football is hardly enough to judge how a full year will play out.

Six quarters of preseason football. That's all the starters pretty much ever get. That's why I can never get too high or low about what I see.