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Eagles At Chiefs Preseason - 3 Questions With Arrowhead Pride

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The Philadelphia Eagles will play their third and typically most important preseason game tonight against the Kansas City Chiefs at the "newish" Arrowhead Stadium. This week, we exchanged questions with Arrowhead Pride to learn a little more about the Chiefs. My answers to his questions are over there.

At this point the Chiefs have had their coach, GM, & QB in place for a full year. They've had multiple top ten draft picks. They'll be unveiling a newly refurbished Arrowhead Stadium... The rebuilding process has to be coming an end right? Are you expecting a major step in the right direction for the Chiefs this year?

I'm not sure about a major step. Major, to me, would mean playoffs and I just don't see this team in the playoffs. The goal is to be competitive in December. I've been predicting seven wins and, after an 0-2 preseason, I'm going to optimistically stick with seven wins.

Selfish question... You were one of two teams that have actually seen Kevin Kolb start. What was your outsiders opinion of how he played last year against KC?

He torched us but, then again, who didn't against the Chiefs last year?

Overall, I didn't see much of a dropoff from Donovan McNabb to Kolb and, from an outsider's perspective, that's pretty huge. I just said to someone the other day, "Geez, how do the Eagles get two consecutive franchise quarterbacks in the draft?" The Chiefs haven't drafted a true franchise quarterback for over 40 years.

Of the Chiefs rookies this year, who has been a surprise so far and who might be considered a disappointment.

The biggest surprise for the Chiefs rookies is Dexter McCluster. He's lining up all over the place -- receiver, running back, wildcat, returner -- and doing it all well. He's very, very quick. Those small and quick players are fun to watch and McCluster hasn't disappointed.

The biggest disappointment among the rookies would be third round pick tight end Tony Moeaki. When he's played, he's been solid. Unfortunately, he didn't play in the first preseason game because of an injury and then he dressed for the second game but only appeared in one play. We're not sure what's up with him.

Thanks to Joel at Arrowhead Pride and be sure to check out my answers. Also be sure to read the comments where KC fans seem to think a "win" tonight would make up for their blowout loss to us last year... As if there is such thing as a "win" in games that don't count.