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The Linc - Eagles Pumping Up?

Eagles' new strength and conditioning coach wants players teeming with power | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/26/2010
WHEN THE Cowboys physically dominated the Eagles up front in those back-to-back blowouts that killed what had been a promising 2009 season, the Birds didn't bring in a whole bunch of bigger, stronger offensive and defensive line starters. That kind of change is hard to effect overnight. They did change their strength and conditioning coach, and the philosophy behind their offseason workout program.  Eagles' offensive line closer to normalcy
Todd Herremans is back starting. Jamaal Jackson is back practicing. What does it all mean? It means the Eagles offensive line is almost back to normal.

Jackson: Just here to win games | | The News Journal
When he speaks, DeSean Jackson can talk as fast as he runs a go route.

Preview-Palooza Continues! Explaining The NFL With A Little Help From The NBA -
After three days of talking football, Andrew Sharp found himself missing his first love—the NBA. But how could someone fit basketball into NFL preview week, you ask? Well, who's the LeBron James of the NFL? Let's talk about this.

Around the NFC East

The VRR: Cowboys Counting on Alex Barron, Sean Lee, and Mike Hamlin to Start at Houston - Blogging The Boys
The Dallas Cowboys are counting on Alex Barron, Sean Lee, and Mike Hamlin to start this weekend against the Houston Texans.

Boswell: Odds Are Against Redskins; I Say They're Not - Hogs Haven
Tom Boswell used a lot of historical statistics to say teams don't come back from a 4-12 record with success, but the truth is, the Redskins were much better than a 4-12 team.

Derrick Ward, Anybody? - Big Blue View
From the sounds of things in Tampa Bay, Ward might be looking for work soon.