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Eagles Players Speak Out on the Potential 18-Game Season

The talk of the NFL lately has been the league's owners' overwhelming support of increasing the current 16-game season to an 18-game one. Commissioner Roger Goodell has publicly praised the idea, saying:

"We want to do it the right way for everyone, including the players, the fans and the game in general. There's a tremendous amount of momentum for it. We think it's the right step."

While no vote has been officially cast yet, all signs point to 18 regular season games and only two preseason games for the 2012 NFL season. However, players around the league - from Carson Palmer to Barry Cofield - don't seem too happy about the idea, and many have spoken out. The chief concern among them appeared to be that, with a lengthened schedule, the risks of injury are greatly increased, while not much quality entertainment is added to the overall season. Two Eagles added their opinions to the mix via their Twitter feeds today:

Todd Herremans:

18 regular season games?... No thanks

Asante Samuel:

How does the league say they CARE about players health and then add MORE games to the schedule?? More games means more injuries. Right??

Just saying... seems that players are being TOLD, not ASKED and I think $$$ should never go before health

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