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Forbes Names Eagles 7th Most Valuable NFL Franchise

In 1994, Jeff Lurie bought the Philadelphia Eagles for $185 million. Today, the franchise is valued at $1.1 billion and is #7 Forbes annual valuation of NFL franchises. So if you've got the cash an NFL team seems like a pretty good investment.

The Eagles were leapfrogged on the list by the Jets & Giants, who just opened their brand new stadium in North Jersey. If you look at the list, building a brand new stadium that you own pretty much guarantees you a spot at the top of the valuation.

The Cowboys, Redskins, & Patriots are the three most valuable franchises according to Forbes while the Vikings, Raiders, & Jaguars hold down the dubious spots at the bottom of the list.

According to the list, the only two NFL teams that appear to be losing money are the Detroit Lions & Miami Dolphins.