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NFL Red Zone Is Back

Once again, Xfinity will be sponsoring us for another football season and once again they'll be offering the NFL Red Zone channel. In Philly, the standard def Red Zone channel is 734 on Xfinity and HD is 861.

The basic idea of the channel is that they switch live from game to game as teams get inside the 20 yard line(the red zone). There's no commercials. Blackout rules don't apply. You get every touchdown from every game. If you live out of market and can't see most Eagles games, for $6.95(in Philadelphia) you can get the sports package, which includes Red Zone, and see the Eagles every week. You'll see every Eagles TD(and epic goal line defensive stand hopefully) live in HD and it'll cost less than $7.

Bill Conlin, from the Daily News actually called Red Zone "an out-of-body, all-encompassing, died-and-woke-up-in-football-heaven experience."

For me, the channel was a godsend for during commercial breaks and at 4pm when the Eagles played at 1pm. Instead of having to sit through Raiders vs Chiefs or something on CBS at 4, I'd flip on Red Zone and it was great.

This post is basically to kick off the sponsorship and get your thoughts about the channel. Did you get it last year? What were your impressions?