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The Linc - Former Eagle Kevin Turner Diagnosed With ALS

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Former Alabama, NFL star diagnosed with ALS | | Montgomery Advertiser
If you didn't see this story over the weekend, check it out. Kevin Turner was a fan favorite and now he may only have a year or two to live. news: Favre's restructured contract could net him up to $28M in 2010
It was about the money.

Starters Still Sans TD as Eagles Fall to Bengals
"Very simple," head coach Andy Reid said. "Turnovers. Penalties and kickoff coverage units – they’ve got to be better than that. And again, if you have opportunities in the red zone, you can’t have penalties. You’ve got to make plays down there and score touchdowns instead of field goals."

Kevin Kolb Talks About The Performance Of The Offense - SB Nation Philly
Eagles QB Kevin Kolb talked during the game about the performance of the first team offense and why they stalled on their first few drives.

Shawn Andrews is now the Giants’ problem | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/20/2010
The New York Giants must have been getting their Michael Phelps on early Friday morning when they decided to scratch Shawn Andrews a check. It's the only explanation for why the Giants would agree to pay the former Eagles offensive guard anything north of $1 to take up space in their locker room. That, or they needed a singer. Or their trainers needed something to do. Or general manager Jerry Reese just felt like lighting money on fire.