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Heckert: Andy Reid Wouldn't "Screw" McNabb By Sending Him To Oakland

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Former Eagles GM and current Browns GM Tom Heckert talked with Philly media this week mostly about quarterbacks. He re-iterated what he's always said about how the team always loved Kevin Kolb and knew he was the future... He also said he had discussions about bringing McNabb to the Browns, but Donovan didn't want to go there.

He also said he wouldn't have traded Donovan McNabb to the division rival Redskins, but what he said about the Oakland Raiders is what caught my eye.

"I was [surprised] because I wouldn't have done it," he said. "But I don't think they had much else [other offers]. And even if they had a choice - everybody talked about Oakland being interested - I don't know that Andy would've done that to Donovan if he didn't want to go there. He wouldn't screw the guy if he had something else. And Andy's always been a big believer in, I don't care who you have, we're still going to be better than you."

When other NFL GMs see sending a player to Oakland as "screwing" them, you know your franchise has become a bit of a joke.