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Eagles Training Camp: McDermott Discusses Stewart Bradley's Return

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Eagles defensive coordinator Sean McDermott met the media over the weekend and talked a lot about linebackers. But I wanted to specifically highlight what he had to say about Stewart Bradley. There's no doubt that the Eagles sorely missed Stewart Bradley last year and are relying heavily on him bouncing back this year. It's clear how much McDermott values Bradley.

"Look, he's a guy that I would think offenses have to gameplan against. If not now, then they will in the future. He's tough to throw the ball over, he's got sideline-to-sideline range and he's tough to block because he is 250, 255 pounds."

So far, the reports on how he looks in camp have been very encouraging. However McDermott stressed the need to be cautious with him.

"We've got to be from a medical standpoint, I don't want to speak for Rick, but from a coach's standpoint included here really, got to be patient with Rick and the medical side of things. Stew's mental toughness and where he is mentally is the most important thing to me right now that he gains confidence in his leg and he looks like he has confidence in his leg to be honest. I think we're moving in the right direction and we're just going to take it day-by-day, rep-by-rep here and keep moving him in the direction of the end goal being that September game against Green Bay."

I talked a little more about the Eagles LB situation and what McDermott had to say at SB Nation Philly over the weekend.