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My Moment with Joe Banner

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Saturday morning, as I was observing the Eagles practice, a cart pulls up and a ball boy hands the guy standing next to me an Eagles baseball hat. Without seeing his face I sarcastically, but playfully remarked, "Wow, a free hat? You must have some serious pull around here." The man with the hat either didn't hear me, or just completely ignored me, although a cameraman nearby starting laughing, probably a little harder than he should have since it wasn't really that great of a joke.

My attention turned back to the field. A few minutes later, the man with the hat walked out onto the field (a no-no for the media types), so I became interested in who it was. He turns around, and it's freaking Joe Banner! I suddenly realize that my "free hat" comment was unwittingly witty (if that makes sense), and I was literally laughing out loud on the sidelines thinking about my accidental zinger.

Naturally, I snuck a few pictures. At one point, Mr. Banner's collar became flipped up (he later fixed it), but I thought it might be fun to vote on which Joe Banner you prefer:

Regular Joe


"Flipped-Up Jersey Shore Joe"