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The Linc - Asante Samuel Chirping at Lehigh

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Cornerback Asante Samuel is one Bird who won't stop chirping | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/17/2010
Asante Samuel was in fine voice yesterday morning. Hardly a play passed without comment from the Eagles' Pro Bowl cornerback, volume thoughtfully adjusted to give offensive and defensive teammates, plus fans, the full benefit of his wisdom. "I'm thinking you guys think I can't run or something," Samuel said during a one-on-one coverage drill. "Every ball's a deep ball. Andy, is that what it is?"

Samuel leaves practice, Hobbs out with illness | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/17/2010
Asante Samuel left the Tuesday morning practice early on the last day of two-a-days. He walked off under his own power. The team said he had a hamstring injury, but did not provide any more detail. Leaving the locker room Samuel told reporters only, "I'm getting too old for this."

49ers RB Brian Westbrook and Anthony Dixon: How we gonna play 'em? - Niners Nation
We break down what the 49ers signing of Brian Westbrook could mean to their backfield, and particularly Anthony Dixon.

Eagles' Reid Much More Than Meets the Eye
Most Philadelphians have a firm opinion on Andy Reid, but the longtime Eagles coach is much more than the pass-happy play-caller that many feel he is.

Eagles Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott On Asante Samuel And Ellis Hobbs - SB Nation Philly
While they were only on the field for six plays in the first preseason game, many people took note of how active and physical the Eagles’ corners were. We even saw the "tackling challenged" Asante Samuel wrap up and bring down a big TE… Eagles defensive coordinator Sean McDermott was asked about what seems to be Samuel’s new dedication to hitting & tackling.

Was the Philadelphia Eagles' Todd Herremans on to something? - By Jason Zinoman - Slate Magazine
True Blood's "Barrage of Homosexuality"

Around the NFC East

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Redskins showed efficiency throughout entire game versus Bills and that stats prove that.

Giants 31, Jets 16: We've Got Victor Cruz! - Big Blue View
Maybe Tom Coughlin was right the other day when the New York Giants coach said "Victor Cruz! What do we need anybody for, we've got Victor Cruz."

Dallas Cowboys TD Drive Killers (Pt. 1) - Third downs - Blogging The Boys
With two pre-season games in the books, I was struck by a blinding flash of the obvious: The Cowboys have not had a single touchdown drive so far.