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Ellis Hobbs Is Kind Of Intense

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A lot has been made of how Ellis Hobbs is playing with a chip on his shoulder. He's gotten into a couple little scraps at Lehigh, he gets angry if he makes a mistake, but he's also played well. He was active last Friday against Jacksonville and had a couple of tackles. He seems genuinely upset after missing most of last season to an injury an says he absolutely does have a chip on his shoulder.

I try to play with it all of the time. Last year, like you said there was a little alter, things were different for me and I was never in a situation like that before. I just reverted back to what got me here. This year you've got to have that dog in you. And I think that when you are youre worst critic and you're always on yourself, that's when you really become the player that you want to be because you can't run from yourself, you know the truth."

Hobbs says he plays mind games with himself and creates this "me against the world" feeling to motivate himself. Honestly it's kind of weird.

"I try to make everything around me and everybody else around me negative. I try to keep in my mind what people are saying about me. It might not necessarily be true, but I think that when you get to this part of camp and this part of your career you get in kind of a repetition mode. You have to continue to change the game to alter yourself so that you can stay up with the game because the game changes daily."

Hobbs also tells himself that he's too small, but tries to use it to improve himself.

"It's just like the question you asked, I play those mind games on myself. I tell myself that I am too small, and this is what people think about you. I go out there and think that my technique alone, along with my physical capabilities is going to bring me through. I consider myself a tremendous athlete as far as being able to run, cover, jump, all of those things. But the underside of that is that I am smaller than most of the guys out there. So I have to be that much more sound in my technique, back peddling, hip turns, quarterback to the receiver, all of those things have to come into play."

I suppose this is how some guys need to motivate themselves. I dunno, for me it seems kind of unhealthy... but if it works for him then so be it.

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