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The Linc - What to do with Chad Hall & Flava Flav Is A Vick Fan

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Most Unlikely Jersey Pairing Ever? - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly
A Redskin & a Cowboy fan went a Phillies minor league baseball game in NJ. Seriously, take a look at these clowns.

Jets relishing their new role; Kevin Kolb, Tim Tebow grow into theirs - Peter King -
I watched the coach's tape of Kolb's six-of-11 performance against the Jaguars Friday night and took notice of how comfortable he looked leaving the pocket and throwing to targets on the run -- or scrambling when the play wasn't there. On his first third down, he circled back out of the backfield, pressured, and ran left, his primary receiver running free on a cross to the right of the formation. Knowing he'd be stepping up into the rush and throwing across his body, Kolb just ran to the left boundary and made the first down. He looked like the coach's son that he is, like he'd been prepping for this day for a couple of decades, not a couple of years.

Didinger's NFL Notes: What to do With Chad Hall?
Right now, the Eagles’ coaches are looking for reasons to keep Chad Hall. That’s not to say he is a lock to make the final roster. He still has a lot to overcome, including his size (5-foot-8) and the fact that the Eagles have a surplus of receivers. But Hall has crossed that all-important point where the coaches now want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Flava Flav Thinks Michael Vick Can Lead The Eagles | Ted Williams Head
Never to dodge controversy, Flav — draped in a black Eagles No. 7 jersey and a Yankees cap turned backward — received a mix of boos and cheers when flicking the corner of his Vick jersey. Yo! You know what?" Flav asked the male-dominated crowd of mostly thirtysomethings. "I’m wearing this because Mike Vick is my favorite player. "And I think he’s the guy to lead the Philadelphia Eagles," the wild-eyed hype man said before — interestingly enough — busting into his solo joint, "911 Is A Joke."

Top Five: Best Philadelphia Fans - SB Nation Philly
Philly fans are known as some of the passionate in the world, but who amongst us are the best?

Paul Domowitch: Hard to tell where Vick fits in to Eagles' plans | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/16/2010
This is what we know about Mike Vick right now. We know he's in considerably better shape than he was a year ago at this time when he still was trying to repair the damage done to his body from 18 months of eating prison chow

Good start to the Kevin Kolb era - NFC East Blog - ESPN
We were quickly reminded that DeSean Jackson is perhaps the most exciting player in the league on Kolb's first throw. He hit Jackson in stride on a quick slant, and the Jaguars linebacker never had a chance. Jackson's a matchup nightmare for any team, but the Jags seemed especially overmatched.

Around the NFC East

Tiller's Dollars and Cents: Redskins Rookies vs. Buffalo - Hogs Haven
Redskins Rookies Looked Good Against Bills

Giants Vs. Jets Poll: How Important Is It? - Big Blue View
Jets fans seem to be treating their preseason game against the Giants as some sort of important struggle for NYC supremacy. Giants fans are treating it like a preseason game.

Marc Colombo is injured... - Blogging The Boys
Marc Colombo will return to Dallas for an MRI on his right knee in Dallas and owner and general manager Jerry Jones said the right tackle would likely need arthroscopic surgery. He's expected to miss at least the rest of the preseason.