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Eagles Preseason Game One: What They're Saying

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Andy Reid on his overall thoughts.

"All in all, I thought it was a good effort. There obviously are some things that we need to work on. We need to do a better job in the red zone. It was nice to get [K] David [Akers] some kicks, but not that many. When you work hard to get into the red zone, you want to make sure you punch it in. The kickoff return units, in particular the second and third groups, need some work. All in all, I thought the effort was there. The [starting] defense only got six plays, but they played well for those six. The offense was able to sustain some drives which really cut down on the first quarter."

Kevin Kolb on settling for two FGs.

"Yeah, I thought that was the only setback. And, of course we had a couple of easy plays slip away from us. But, overall, it was a positive night. The thing that I like about the red zone is that is was self inflicted. There were a couple of things that we did on our own. We had the holding call, and then we had to execute there on the first drive. It is stuff we can easily fix. We obviously want touchdowns, but I thought sustaining those two drives was a good start."

Ellis Hobbs on the execution by the defense

"For a defense, it is, anytime you can get three-and-outs. I think what [the starters] did on defense was a good job of executing what we wanted to do, keeping it very simple and basic, and just executing what we've been running all of camp. It's always good to get that first game under your belt because you can't really explain it to a younger player. They have to experience for themselves the speed of the game mentally as well as physically. Just letting them see for themselves that this is why you're called a professional. This is why only a select few of us can do it. You just go through the preseason now and try to minimize all the mistakes you can."

Quintin Mikell on the performance of the young Eagles

"It's a new team. There's a lot of young energy and you could see it out there. Guys are out there having fun and flying around on both sides of the ball. I think that was pretty impressive for the first game. There were not a lot of wide-eyes. Guys were ready to get the job done and that was a good start."

Sean McDermott liked what he saw as far as tackling tonight

"We want to come out and be a good tackling defense. The players are working their tails off and I think we tackled well as a group tonight."

He was also happy with the first team, but didn't like the lapses by some of the reserves

"Well it looked like we made some plays. We've got to get a couple things corrected with the two passes over the top of the defense, two big plays. You take those away and I thought overall the effort was pretty good. But you can't give up big plays. We've got a lot of work to do. I was happy with the [starters]. I was happy that, [with] field position, when we had our backs up against the wall, we won that battle by holding them to field goals. But we can't give up big plays."

DeSean Jackson on the calmness that Kevin Kolb brings to this offense:

"The biggest thing with Kevin is that he is very calm and intelligent at the same time. There is no panic and no rush. He is back there making great decisions. He's not back there making foolish mistakes, throwing the ball in the wrong place. He makes the right reads and does the right things. As long as we have a quarterback that is doing those things, we will be alright."

On how good he thinks this offense can be:

"I think we can be awesome. We are all young and we have been working hard together. I think we will be here a long time and have a lot of things to look forward to. I think we are starting off right. That is what I was saying before the game, it's a new era for us and we need to get started off right. I think we did that tonight."

Finally Michael VIck

"It was up and down, but the offense was clicking. We were moving the ball up and down the field. The interception I was just trying to do too much and the fumble, the guy hit me and I was supposed to protect the ball. Regardless of whether it was my fault, I have to protect the football. I have to understand that I can't do everything. I kind of got into that mode where, as when I was younger, I started going crazy. Coach Marty pulled me aside, told me I had to play smart and I understood. The next drive I was pretty poised."