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Jaguars At Eagles Preseason Lineup Preview

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The new era of Eagles football kinda begins tonight as the Eagles open their preseason campaign at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars. You may remember that last year when the Eagles played the Jaguars, Michael Vick made his NFL re-debut and pretty much dominated the coverage of the game. While it will be interesting as always to watch Vick tonight, he certainly won't be the story like he was last time. Most of the focus will be on another Eagles QB, Kevin Kolb, as he makes his first start since being named the permanent #1.

Andy Reid said Kevin Kolb will work the first quarter, Michael Vick will take the second quarter and half of the third quarter, and Mike Kafka will finish the game off. Reid also hinted that we could see Vick in a package with the first team, but probably only a play or two at most.

Mike McGlynn is the surprise starter at center. Andy Reid did not name Nick Cole among the injured players who won't play so it seems like for now that McGlynn may be in the lead for the starting center job in Jamaal Jackson's absence.

Chad Hall will handle all punt returns and Quintin Demps will return kickoffs. Reid was asked whether he was hoping to find someone other than DeSean Jackson to return punts, but he said that he just wanted to give Hall opportunities to "raise his value"

"I think that it increases his value. I think that he's doing a nice job at the wide receiver spot and he's played a little running back for us, here and there in the camp. He was a really good running back so he might play a little bit of running back in this game. But I think that it increases your value if you can be a legitimate punt returner."

I think it's pretty clear that Hall probably won't make this team and it's nice of Andy to give the kid a shot to show off for the rest of the NFL. Plus, there's really no need to have DeSean returning punts in the preseason. As for kickoff returns, Quintin Demps probably has a legit shot to win that job but Andy is also probably also sparing Ellis Hobbs for a preseason game as well. Hobbs led the NFL in kick return average with the Pats, but it remains to be seen whether the Eagles use him in that role if he's also going to be the starting RCB.

Juqua Parker will start at left defensive end, but Reid said that Brandon Graham will see time with the first team in nickel situations.

We'll get into expectations and what to watch for next.