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Apparently No One Appreciates Donovan McNabb

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Eagles fans have endured the last decade being told how little we appreciated Donovan McNabb and how we didn't "deserve" to have him in our town. Never mind that tens of thousands of people showed up to Linc on Sundays wearing the #5 and cheering the guy... according everyone in the national media we didn't appreciate him because we're all just typical Philly fans who give everyone a hard time.

So you can imagine the shock the assembled media had when a Redskins fan wasn't sufficiently appreciating McNabb.

On the first day of Washington Redskins training camp, a heckler stood near the front of the crowd and criticized every bad pass, every bobbled ball and pined out loud for the return of departed quarterback Jason Campbell.

"Must have been a great catch," the fan yelled after McNabb completed one pass, "because it couldn’t have been a good throw."

As the days went by, other fans might have felt that the heckler was on to something. McNabb seemed to be getting intercepted more than he should. He was throwing behind receivers, and earlier this week he unleashed a wounded duck downfield that was picked off easily by Carlos Rogers.

Someone get Jason Whitlock on the phone! McNabb is not being appreciated! Sound the alarms!

h/t 700 Level