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Jerry Jones Thinks The Eagles Will Be More Consistent With Kevin Kolb

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It appears that Kevin Kolb has another fan down in Dallas. We already know that Kolb and Troy Aikman are pals and now  Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is praising the kid. He told Paul Domowitch that he expects the Eagles to be more consistent with Kolb than they were with McNabb.

`McNabb helped create those big swings in our games over the last 10 years,’’ Jones said. ``When he played well, it was like throwing the knockout punch. When he didn’t, you were able to throw the knockout punch. I don’t see that now (with Kolb). I think Kolb and the way they’re going about it now, you won’t have those big swings one way or the other. I think every game with them is going to be a battle. Because of Kolb and because the makeup of the rest of their team is solid. And their coach, there is not a better coach in the NFL than Andy (Reid).’’

Remember that it was a trade with the Cowboys that netted the Eagles Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley(Dallas got Anthony Spencer). So if Jerruh is indeed correct(and let's hope he is), he may regret the trade.