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Eagles Training Camp Linc - Get Money!

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Observations: Moving The Chains | Philly | 07/31/2010
During position drills, the players sometimes huddle and put their hands in before the drill begins. The defensive backs yell "Get money!" when they break. The wide receivers chant "Family!" This is hilarious to me. Anyone else?

Michael Vick Sees Why The Eagles Win | CSNPhilly
"My first real practice in four years and it was great to be out there," said the Eagles' backup quarterback after an uneven day where he looked great on some plays and sloppy on others. "I've never been in a training camp where the crowd was into it and it's live. I see why these guys win and win year in and year out.

Ernie Sims happy to be out of Detroit, with Philadelphia Eagles |
"Losing really hurts when you're working so hard, everybody's working so hard, and you know you're putting so much into the game but you're not getting anything back," he said. "I don't like to lose."

And on the third day, Albert rests - NFC East Blog - ESPN
In what is becoming a running joke, defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth did not attempt to pass his conditioning test Saturday morning because of a swollen knee. Coach Mike Shanahan said the medical staff recommended Haynesworth not attempt the conditioning test because of irritation in the knee.

Sports Should Be Fun: A Bucket List For Athletes Looking To Be More Awesome -

August is nearly upon us, and we're firmly entrenched in the dog days of summer. How do we combat this malaise? If you guessed "by imagining ourselves as pro athletes," then you are correct!

Eagles Hoping For Answers - SB Nation Philly
What are the key questions for the Eagles at training camp? What are some of the possible answers?