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DeSean Jackson Injury Not Considered Serious

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We all drew our breath when we saw the news that DeSean Jackson had been "carted off" the field at Lehigh University. It appears as though we can all exhale, as the local media types are all reporting that injury is not considered serious. First, CSNPhilly.

Fortunately, the injury doesn't appear serious. After practice Jackson walked without assistance to his car. A league source has told CSN's Derrick Gunn that Jackson is feeling better and is day to day. The source also said the injury was to his lower back.

The Inquirer reported the same. Kevin Kolb also told them he was a worried at first.

Kolb was asked if his heart skipped a beat when he he saw his star wide receiver go down.

"Yeah, especially for a quarterback," Kolb said, before pausing. "Yeah, you definitely need him out there.

The "way he left" was to walk out to his car and drive away. Also, just a note about these type of reports. You'll always hear a lot that a guy was "carted off" at Eagles camp. Just know that the fields at Lehigh are pretty far from where the building where the training room is. So pretty much everyone that needs to visit the training room is going to get there by cart. DeSean Jackson, for instance, rode in the front seat of the cart to the room. The phrase "carted off" gives you the image of a guy taken directly off the playing field strapped to a gurney on the back of an ATV.