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The Linc - The troops wonder why McNabb was traded

Even in Afghanistan, Andy Reid questioned about Eagles' trade of Donovan McNabb - The Huddle: Football News from the NFL -
"I told them that's how the NFL works now," Reid said of his response to the troops. "I also said that Donovan's a great person and I loved being with him."

Production Per Paycheck: Eagles Players in 2009 — McNabb or Kolb: 2010 Philadelphia Eagles Blog
Last month I looked at EPA/Play as a way to see the Eagles’ defensive playmakers. There were several caveats to those numbers, biggest of which was the...

Eco-Sexy Eagles Cheerleaders Calendar To Benefit Oil Spill Cleanup " :: the latest in green gossip
The NFL’s greenest cheerleaders are back for the third year in a row with their 2010-2011 "Saving the Oceans" calendar. Putting an activist spin on their collection of swimsuit poses, the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders will donate 10 percent of sales of the calendar to the Gulf Restoration Network, to help with cleanup Gulf spill.

Reid Era Camp Classics: No. 9 TO Mania | Eagletarian | 07/06/2010

Remember when 25,000 people showed up to training camp?