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The Linc - Jason Avant wants you to get married news: Don't sleep on the Eagles next season
To not bore you with the mundane, one matter has been consistently trumpeted over the past few weeks by a lot of NFL folks -- mainly players and former players or coaches: The Philadelphia Eagles could surprise a lot of people.

Five things not to worry about in the NFC East - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas
Kevin Kolb. Stop worrying about the Eagles quarterback from Stephenville, Texas. He's already earned a ton of respect in the Eagles' locker room and he's surrounded with big-time talent at receiver. The former Houston Cougar isn't afraid of the moment. I expect him to have an excellent season.

NFC East Rundown, Philadelphia Eagles: Is Kevin Kolb Ready? | Dallas Cowboys Times
I spoke with the manager of to find out more about the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles squad and how much of a threat they are to Dallas.

Jenice Armstrong: New place for weddings | Philadelphia Daily News | 07/01/2010
instead of getting his party on, Avant is all about his young family and about encouraging his teammates and others to embrace the institution of marriage. Avant has even gone so far as to get involved with the opening of a wedding chapel in Center City. That's right, a wedding chapel.