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Eagles Training Camp - Brandon Graham Meets The Media

Eagles first round pick Brandon Graham held his first press conference yesterday after participating in his first real practice. Graham, who missed the rookie portion of camp while his contract was being worked on, said he and his agent had targetted the day veterans would arrive as the point he needed to be in camp. "Yes, because he was telling me that realistically I wasn't going to be at the rookie camp. But for the veterans I was going to be there and he was like, ‘You're really not going to miss too much.' I just wanted to make sure that I was here when the vets got here." said Graham.

The first round pick said he stayed in shape by spending the offseason working out with the Michigan football team, "It was kind of stressful because you want to be out here, but I just controlled what I could control and I made sure I tried to stay in shape and work out with the Michigan football team, just waiting until I came down here and show what I got."

Graham also said that Daniel Te'o-Nesheim was keeping him up to date on everything the team worked on for the days he wasn't here, "Well, I feel like I was there a little bit, because I talked to players every day, just to let them know that I wished I was there, let them know that I'm not being selfish, it's just the business part of it, and they understood. I just felt bad because I wish I could be out there and I don't want to feel like I'm better than anybody, but that's just how it is. I talked to [Te'o-Neshiem] every night and he was just keeping me updated on plays."

Also, Graham weighed in today at 278.