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Eagles Training Camp: The Boys Are Back In Town

Today marks the first day of the full Eagles training camp. Rookies and selected vets have been up in Lehigh for a couple days already, but yesterday evening the full squad showed up and it all begins for real today. For what seems like the first time in forever, camp seems to have begun drama free.

The rookies are all signed and in camp. Brandon Graham did a miss a few days of the rookie portion and I certainly don't want to discount the value of that time, but now that the full camp has begun he's here. Last season, the Eagles didn't get Jeremy Maclin into camp until August 4th. There were also reports of those negotiations being rather contentious. No veterans are holding out and no one is complaining about their contract. Last year Sheldon Brown skipped the offseason program and feuded with Eagles management, demanding a trade.

There was the Shawn Andrews saga and of course the Michael Vick signing... Then of course the various injuries... Now we can't predict what kind of drama camp may bring, but we finally seem to have a camp without drama and with a positive feeling around it. Things really do feel like they're getting off on the right foot. Sal Pal thinks us fans are all scared right now, but I'm just not seeing that. Over a hundred thousand people have visited this site since monday. There's been hundreds of comments and most people seem to be feeling pretty good right now.

So let's cross our fingers and hope this feeling lasts...