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Marty Mornhinweg On Expectations For Kevin Kolb

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinwheg met the media yesterday and among other things, talked a lot about his expectations for Kevin Kolb in the coming year. What he told Kolb he wants to see is pretty simple.

"I've told him that I want a high completion percentage and I want him to stay away from the interceptions and then everything else will tend to take care of itself and understanding that he needs to do the right thing."

He also addressed whether he expected to see more turnovers this year in the transition to a young QB.

"I wouldn't say that because every quarterback is a little bit different. Some anticipate very well, while early in their career that could lead to a few more turnovers. I'm not sure Kevin is that way and then he's built up some time in the league, so he's seen a lot, maybe he hasn't had quite the experience. But I think he'll be just fine with that mentality there. I do think that, getting back to your original question that we may go through some ups and downs a little bit more with him, especially early. I think you can sort of anticipate that, but he's a quick learner so he'll learn from his mistakes and he'll move on quickly."

And finally he was asked whether there is any pressure on Kolb to limit interceptions, which is kind of  a rhetorical question isn't it?

""They're quarterbacks. They have pressure every day and that's just part of the job. You want to throw touchdowns, you don't want to have interceptions and you want to have a high completion percentage."