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The Linc - April Fools!

April fools his own team, plus other notes from the afternoon practice Wed. | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/28/2010
Special teams coach Bobby April is easily among the most entertaining people in the Eagles organization. He was teaching kick off returns today, and spent several minutes stressing a particular formation he wanted his blockers to use. Then, as the eager rookies prepared to fall back into their spots, he had Ken Parrish dribble out an onside kick, catching the return team completely off guard.

Beware the 'gasser' drills | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/29/2010
The true test of fitness will come Friday morning when coach Andy Reid puts his behemoths through a series of "half-gassers" - sprints from one sideline to the other and back - and other stamina tests during a closed practice session.  Duce back where he belongs, this time as coach
"We're all men, we're all professionals," Staley said. "I have a lot of respect for men who have differences who can sit down and hash them out. That's the true definition of a man." A lot was said in Staley's final days in Philly. It's all been forgotten. Reid doesn't hold a grudge. He's always loved Duce. No Eagle ever played harder. "It's always hard when people leave," Reid said. "It's hard for them, and it's hard for us, and sometimes things are said. But if it's hard for you to go, that means you really liked being here, and that means we're doing something right. And I know Duce loved being here. I don't hold a grudge."

Ramsey: AFA's Chad Hall prepares to invade the NFL | hall, chad, ramsey - Sports - Colorado Springs Gazette, CO
He knows extreme violence beckons from just around the bend, but he welcomes the pounding. He actually seems to miss it.  Reid isn't worried about Andrews
Stacy Andrews seems like one of the biggest unknowns in an Eagles season filled with unknowns. Not to Andy Reid Reid said he's confident Andrews will be just fine this fall after a disastrous first season with the Eagles.