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If Todd Herremans isn't healthy, the Eagles are in deep trouble

Remember the Oakland game last year?  Jason Peters went down in the first quarter with a knee injury, did not return, and with Todd Herremans still recovering from a foot injury, the Raiders walked all over King Dunlap in route to the Eagles' annual "Are you freaking kidding me loss."  And therein lies the value of Todd Herremans.  For my money he's not just one of the best guards in the league, he's also a very competent backup at LT.

The Eagles already have a player that's somewhat of a longshot to be ready for the opener against the Packers in Jamaal Jackson. In Andy Reid's latest press conference, it was revealed that Herremans would start training camp on the PUP list.  Reid downplayed the significance of that, noting that Herremans feels fine, and that the team was keeping him out as a precaution.  Now, per Jonathan Tamari, it appears Herremans is unlikely to play in the first preseason game on August 13th.   Consider me concerned.

Without Todd Herremans and Jamaal Jackson, the Eagles' starting lineup would likely be as follows...

LT - Jason Peters - LG - Max Jean-Gilles - C - Nick Cole - RG - Stacy Andrews - RT - Winston Justice

Think some teams might try to take advantage of two slow-footed backup guards in Jean-Gilles and Cole, who would be playing side-by-side?

It gets worse - Here are the first players off the bench should any of the Eagles' remaining 5 go down...

LT - Dunlap - LG - Fenuki Tupou? - C - Mike McGlynn - RG - Tupou? - RT - Stacy Andrews (with Tupou moving to RG)

In a world in which Todd Herremans and Jamaal Jackson are healthy, the Eagles do have plenty of depth at every position along the OL.  But if Herremans' injury is more serious than it's currently being reported, it could be disastrous.  If talks with Chester Pitts start heating up, be very worried.