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Donovan McNabb Wants You To Know He's A Nice Guy

Today, Donovan McNabb was asked about the text message he sent to Kevin Kolb before the start of Eagles training camp this morning. His response was, well....let's just say he was impressed with himself.

"I try to inspire young players, to just continue to keep their head up, write goals for yourself that are attainable and for them to just have confidence in themselves. For me, it could've been easier for me to walk out the door and not said anything to anyone. But that's not the type of person I am. I'm a guy who cares. I've text-messaged Kevin and...several of my former offensive linemen and the list goes. The thing about 11 years is [it's] something you can't just forget."

Thing is, it was nice of McNabb to send the message. A classy move for sure... But aren't those the kind of things you let other people say about you?

I don't want to slam the guy because it was a nice gesture... but still.