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2010 Eagles Training Camp - Kolb Impresses On Day One

The Eagles held their first practice with rookies and selected veterans today. From the coverage it seems that Kevin Kolb & Michael Vick were the only notable vets at camp so far. BGN will be live at camp next week, but for this first week we'll continue aggregating coverage to get a clear picture of what's going on at Lehigh.

The Eagles practiced in just shorts and shells today and as I said very few notable vets were in attendance, but Kevin Kolb was the guy who was generating all the buzz. In fact CSN Philly's Jordan Ranaan says that not one Kolb pass hit the ground. Geoff Mosher noticed just one pass to hit the grass after a Jordan Norwood drop. Jeff McLane started the day joking about Kolb, but when practice was over he was impressed. "One observation: Kolb looked very, very sharp. (In all seriousness)"

The only other real buzz around cam was the former Eagles Duce Staley was back as a coaching intern and apparently has gained a ton of weight. If someone has a picture, I'd love to see it.

A few of the young Eagles reacted to their first practice on twitter.

Jeff Owens - First practice went well still learning the system

Jamar Chaney1st practice in the books! Had a great one, but still got to improve in the 2nd practice! Heading to meeting & lunch now!

Trevor Laws had an interesting tweet... "Who is the toughest nig of them all?!?? LEHIGH 2010"

Kurt Coleman1 down 1 to go...and then it's on to the next one

Finally, Kevin Kolb got an encouraging text before practice from none other than Donovan McNabb.

"I appreciate him reaching out and offering me good luck. Not everyone is like that. But we've always had a good relationship."