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Cornelius Ingram talks about his new knee

The Gainesville Sun has an interesting article about Cornelius Ingram and his recovery from a second knee surgery in as many years. There's an explanation of why the first surgery failed, but I was interested in why this surgery is supposed to work.

"This time, I went to Dr. (James) Andrews and I made sure it was done differently," he said. "It was my patella, from my body, instead of a cadaver. A lot of people use (cadaver ACLs), but the thing is that if your body rejects it, it could get into your blood stream. If that happened, I could have died or my leg would have had to been amputated."

Ingram says that he's "100 percent for the first time in a long time." He should be one of the more interesting guys to watch in camp this year. He may very well be the most talented and physically gifted TE on the team... but his ability to stay healthy and come back from what has essentially been two years away from the game is a major question mark.