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This Might Be The Reason AJ Feeley Never Made It As A Starter

Anthony Gargano put up part two of his bass fishing odyssey with Eagles QB Kevin Kolb and just like the first part there are some interesting little tidbits. The stuff that caught my eye this time was the reactions of certain people in the organization to Kolb... namely the QBs.

First, AJ Feeley. We pick up in the middle of a story of a guy that Kolb has followed since he was in HS, Drew Brees.

What would Drew do? Drew would study and watch film until he had cottonmouth from staying up so late and bust it in practice and Kolb can darn well relate because that's how coach's kids approach the game. And so there was this one time, according to one eyewitness, in which backup quarterback A.J. Feeley admonished Kolb for busting it too hard in practice because McNabb wasn't and therefore Feeley wouldn't and therefore Kolb was showing them up in front of the coaches and Kolb refused to bend. He just shrugged and moved on.

We certainly wouldn't want a young guy working too hard in practice so he ya know... becomes good and takes your job. Which he did... Speaking of taking someone's job, Gargano also discussed Donovan McNabb in the piece. He quoted a former player(cough Ike Reese or Hugh Douglas cough) as saying that McNabb was threatened by Kolb from the moment he was drafted, which is understandable... He also said that McNabb Kolb was a reason McNabb welcomed Vick so willingly last year.

The former player also said one of the reasons McNabb embraced Michael Vick so much last season was to block Kolb further down the depth chart and that McNabb texted Vick during the recent round of OTAs and asked about Kolb's progress in the middle of the conversation.

That's always been the enigma of McNabb. We know he has insecurities & jealousies just like everyone. But of course he'd never admit it and has only ever publicly supported and said nice things about Kolb even after he was traded. Like we discussed back when he was traded, the difference between the public and private McNabb has at once been maybe his greatest strength and weakness.

So does anyone want to start the "I want to go bass fishing with Kevin Kolb" blog?