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The Linc - We Are Not Risk-Averse

Lurie's thoughts on McNabb - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Maybe this won't work out," said Lurie of the McNabb trade. Maybe it wouldn't have worked out if we kept Donovan. But you can't be risk-averse. You can't be. I think I surround myself with people who are not risk-averse. I'm not risk-averse at all. We're all really confident, but [if] for any reason it [doesn't] work out, then we keep prioritizing that position and go after it."

NFL 2010: The Top 100 Players | New Era Scouting
Four Eagles make the list. Asante Samuel, DeSean Jackson, Jason Peters, & Trent Cole in that order.

Rich Hofmann: Athletes like Vick continue to tempt fate by putting themselves in dangerous situations | Philadelphia Daily News | 07/20/2010
TO PRETEND to understand a culture where every conversational disagreement seems to end with somebody pulling a gun would be just that - pretending.

The Pitts Unlikely for Birds | Eagletarian | 07/20/2010
The Eagles continue to be mentioned in online speculation about free-agent guard (and accomplished oboe player!) Chester Pitts, whose agent is trying to scare up interest in a 31-year-old client coming off microfracture surgery. A team source termed the signing of Pitts "unlikely."

The Wiz Wit - Philly Sports For The Immature Intellectual: Athlete Website Review!
let's get to our review of Trevor Laws' site! You know, before he gets cut.