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The Linc - All Eyes On Kolb

Kevin Kolb, Jason Campbell the answer for Eagles, Raiders? - Don Banks -
If you're an Eagles fan, you wish Philadelphia had more of a running game and a stronger defense to help lift some of the burden from Kolb's shoulders, but that's somewhat off-set by the explosive receiving weapons Philly has amassed in recent years. There's no way to replace McNabb's experience all in one season, so Kolb can be expected to make some glaring mistakes as he learns the subtleties of playing the position. But Reid will always show patience and refuse to panic or cave to the talk-show ranting, and my sense is Kolb will reward him with a solid and occasionally spectacular first season on the job.

Andy Reid's ordeals and triumphs | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/18/2010
Every Thursday night for nearly two years, Reid would quickly eat dinner in his office and then put aside his job as the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and drive, sometimes longer than an hour, to a prison. For one son, Reid had to go to three prisons.

The Shippensburg News-Chronicle > Archives > News > Follow your heart: Former Eagle, SU grad now teaching youths
Although he was a victim of unfortunate circumstance, the story of Ron Johnson in football didn’t end in 2004 when doctors told him he couldn’t return to the Philadelphia Eagles defensive line.

Philadelphia's Todd Herremans from Ravenna enjoys the dirty work as an NFL offensive lineman |
A bad U.S. economy isn’t affecting Todd Herremans. He still reports to work as the starting left guard for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles. It’s a dirty job, but somebody must step forward and enjoy it.

Not For Long: Five NFL Veterans Who Need To Prove It In 2010 -
No Eagles made the list because after all... Who needs veterans?!