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The Linc - When is a Torn ACL a Good Thing?  Ingram manages to find silver lining to knee injury
Find out how close Cornelius Ingram came to losing his leg back in 2009.

Reid, Banner give Eagles opposing points of view | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/18/2010
"On the surface, they are so different. Despite his public persona, Reid is outgoing and social, while Banner admits he is reserved to the point of being shy. It is impossible to envision them working in concert without issue. But both men insist they get along, and get along well, because of the overriding thing they do have in common."

KFFL: McCoy a Solid #2 Back in Fantasy in 2010 " Eagles Gab
Yesterday, we looked at Kevin Kolb as a fantasy option, but how about LeSean McCoy? Find out what the folks at Eagles Gab have to say.

Eckel: Confident Kolb ready to man the controls |
"That's my No. 1 focus, going to a Super Bowl and proving everybody right. I'm not trying to prove anyone wrong. I'm trying to prove this organization right for making this move. I know there are a lot of expectations. When you get an extension and you get the starting quarterback position and the franchise, regardless of where you're at, there's a lot of pressure and responsibility. I understand all that.''

Find out which Cowboys players kicker David Buehler thinks he can outrun | Dallas Morning News
Young Cowboys kicker David Buehler appears to have a bit of an ego on him.