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The Linc - Can I interest you in a little supplemental restraint?


Filling in with The Linc today for JasonB who is on vacation, I'm Tits McGee, er I mean, I'm JimmyK.

The NFL Supplemental Draft is today

Here's BobQ's June 28 piece on the players that could be of interest to NFL teams.

Reid Era Camp Classics: No. 5 - Great series - This one is about the canceled Eagles-Ravens preseason game.

8:03: The Ravens' equipment crew starts emptying water coolers on the sideline and packing the Ravens' gear.

8:04: The 45,000 fans emit one large, groaning boo. "I hope," said one sideline staffer, "that they throw soft things."

Louis C.K. has great Jamie Moyer joke

Not Eagle-related, but worth the look - with the find.  Put your headphones into the speakers if you're at work.

Training Camp Preview: Linebackers

Jordan Raanan: "The final result: maybe the deepest and most athletic linebacking corps of the Andy Reid era."